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Campaign Statement

Why vote for me?


For 7 years, I have fought for our rights with unwavering dedication. I poured my heart and soul into our representation and will continue to do so as our Local Vice President (LVP). I am qualified, dedicated and experienced, and not afraid to stand up for what is right.  


I am a strong, outspoken advocate for our members, challenging LAO, MPPs, 3 Attorneys General and 2 Premiers in print, television interviews, press conferences, and at rallies.


We face an unprecedented crisis at LAO. We need a qualified, experienced, fearless and dedicated LVP. I will continue to fight to stop the cuts and to protect our members’ job security, wellbeing in the workplace and professional responsibilities.

I know our members’ concerns and interests. I’ve been duty counsel for nearly a decade. But for 7 years I have also telephoned and emailed our members rallying us to unionize, ratify our Collective Agreement and fight LAO cuts. I speak daily with our membership as the primary provider of representational support across Ontario. I have travelled the province repeatedly to meet members. I will continue to do this.


For 7 years, I have been a leader for LAO Lawyers. I was a named applicant in our constitutional challenge against LAO (one of only 8 who took that risk). I was the sole affiant, filing written affidavits and poised to testify.  I have successfully represented members in investigations and ensured proper accommodations and disability needs are met. I was on the team that bargained our first Collective Agreement.


My track record demonstrates that I value fairness, integrity, transparency and accountability for the good of the membership. I will hold LAO to these same standards.


As our Local Vice President I will work to preserve and uphold all of our rights and interests, so that we can continue to fight for the rights and interests of our clients.


What Qualifies me for LVP?


  1. A strong and fearless advocate for our rights and interests;

  2. The knowledge, experience, training and political acuity to ensure the effective administration of our LAO collective agreement;

  3. The ability to develop and sustain effective relationships, with colleagues, LAO, the Society executive, and other stakeholders to successfully meet local demands;

  4. Recognition as a credible, clear, coherent communicator able to negotiate and advance the agenda skilfully and effectively; and

  5. Demonstrated leadership, accountability to the membership and a track record of holding Legal Aid accountable.


 Key Issues I Commit to Addressing


  • Continuing to fight the provincial funding cuts;

  • Ensuring compliance with the collective agreement;

  • Protecting job security and professional responsibilities, and ensuring manageable workloads and hours; and

  • Creating positive, safe and healthy workplaces, including addressing harassment and discrimination.


For these reasons I request your support.

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