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Testimonials From Represented Members

I have been the primary elected member representing members of our bargaining unit across Ontario. I am currently the sole elected representative carrying any representation matters for our Local. I have represented members in investigations, advocating for accommodations and short- and long-term disability benefits, enforcing rights under the Collective Agreement, health and safety needs, and more.


This is what members I have represented have to say about me: 

"I strongly support Dana Fisher’s candidacy in the Local Vice President election for the LAO Lawyers Local of the Society. Dana has been an outstanding advocate and support for me in seeking accommodation from LAO. She has always been sensitive to confidential issues and has made it much easier for me to focus on my work as I can trust her to represent my needs to the organization. Thank you Dana!"

  -  Provincial Head Office member

"Ms. Fisher has approached her position as our Union Representative with zeal, dedication, professionalism and has gone above and beyond to ensure positive results for LAO's employees under her charge. Unafraid to stand up to Management, HR and for the just outcome that she believes in, she is consistent in her approach. She will be an excellent Local Vice President and has my full support".

  -  Sudbury Region member

"I have known Dana for several years, having seen her work tirelessly on the Campaign Committee. Now, as an elected representative, she has assisted me personally in my dealings with LAO. She has been incredibly supportive, has great conflict resolution skills, and she is assertive with LAO management".

  -  Toronto Region member


"I am very grateful to have had Dana's support and guidance as my union representative to address an internal office issue that directly impacted both my professional obligations as counsel and my personal reputation as a staff lawyer. When my manager refused to allow my union representative to attend a meeting with me to collaborate to discuss the problem, as I had requested, Dana determinedly challenged this management perspective. She advocated strongly with two levels of management and HR to ensure that I received support during the meeting. Her efforts to assist me by attending the meeting were successful, and her influence helped me to raise questions that I had not previously been able to ask on my own. She also took the time to point me in the right direction and gave me courage to speak up to address my concerns which were legitimate, as it related to our collective agreement. I am extremely thankful for Dana's presence and her support as my union representative, especially in the Ottawa region".

  -  Ottawa Region member

“Dana has been incredibly attentive and helpful for every issue I’ve seen her come into contact with. She takes her role very seriously and I have truly appreciated all the consideration and support she has shown me. Dana takes the extra time to make sure your questions are answered and your concerns addressed. She really cares and it shows.”

  - Essex Lambton Kent Region member

"Last year, I was the subject of a workplace harassment complaint that was eventually found to be without merit by a third-party investigator. However, when the complaint was first made, I had significant anxiety and sleepless nights regarding damage to my reputation from false accusations, and fear over employment consequences and impact to my family, not to mention that I also felt very alone in dealing with this matter.

In assisting me in dealing with this complaint, I can say that Dana Fisher from the S.U.P. was a steadfast and effective advocate on my behalf. Her support was unflagging over the numerous emails and conversations we had regarding this over several months. She listened to me vent my frustrations on several occasions, she provided wise advice to me as to how best to respond, and she advocated on my behalf to eventually obtain a resolution that I thought was fair. Furthermore, having the compassionate support of Ms. Fisher served to greatly relieve the anxiety that I felt in relation to this matter, which was especially appreciated, for example, on the occasion of meeting with the investigator, to which she accompanied me. The support of Ms. Fisher and the S.U.P. in this regard is something that I am deeply grateful for, as I can't imagine having faced this without Ms. Fisher's assistance".

  -  Toronto Region member

"Dana provided much needed guidance and support when my employer was making decisions affecting my reputation and work while I was on leave. It was very helpful to have someone to speak to and seek assistance from. She even took additional steps and set up calls with higher levels of management in order to try and keep the information flowing at an extremely stressful time"

  -  Ottawa region member


I work in an office back in an enclosed area of our courthouse.  It has an open area in front and anyone could very easily come in and corner me in my office.  I had told the employer my concerns. One day a fellow came in and became quickly furious when I told him our family clinic was not open.  He was scary. I had to dart out past him and run down the empty hall. I contacted the employer and Dana Fisher about this. Within a day, a Union staff member was there, taking photos and interviewing me.  Very shortly after with Dana Fisher, the Union and my employer working together, a panic button was installed in my office and in the area.

In the last year, I became badly stressed out about some nasty issues at my workplace and went to see my doctor.  He instructed me to take four weeks off and wrote a short letter to that effect, saying I was not able to work in his opinion.  I was home, not doing very well, when I started getting phone calls from some place called ‘workplace medical’, trying to ask very intrusive questions.  I didn’t answer. I also was sent a form which said I had to allow them full access to my entire medical file. I felt betrayed by my employer and it compounded my medical issues.  I called Dana Fisher. She told me what I needed to include on the form and what not to include. She contacted the employer on my behalf and ensured my rights were protected. She kept me completely informed throughout the process.  She was compassionate and supportive. She provided me with a list of information I did need to provide, which I did. ‘Workplace medical’ denied my claim for short term disability coverage, said I had not told them enough. Dana Fisher dealt with the head of human resources and that denial was overturned and I got my coverage.

Oh, and this was all going on while she was attending collective agreement negotiations and dealing with all sorts of other issues.  She managed to protect me even before we had the backbone of that agreement!  

Later, I had to take time off again due to the same nasty issues.  This time around, I did not get the intrusive phone calls nor the invasive form to fill out.  My doctor provided the necessary information and I got to focus on getting better and getting back to work.  Thanks to Dana and our Union. She had my back.

  -  Woodstock member

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