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Candidate for Local Vice President, LAO Lawyers Local, Society of United Professionals

Bail Coordinator, Team Lead, Criminal Duty Counsel

College Park Courthouse, Toronto

I have been an LAO lawyer for nearly a decade. During that time, my concern for just and fair working conditions for staff lawyers at LAO led me to involvement in LAO’s Employee Engagement Committees, participation in College Park Bar Bench Meetings, and ultimately the Lawyers Concerned movement to unionize that became the LAO Lawyers Campaign for Collective Bargaining Rights.

In 2012, I began work on a Campaign for Collective Bargaining Rights.


I was our Campaign Spokesperson, 1 of only 5 named applicants in the Charter challenge, and the sole affiant.


I traveled the province to meet with colleagues, participated in townhalls and made countless phone calls, in an effort to ensure all staff lawyers were knowledgeable and informed about our rights and options.


After 6 years of intense work, we achieved success. 


I was then elected to our Interim Local Committee. As a member of the first bargaining committee, I took part in drafting the first Collective Agreement. I am the primary representative responding to and addressing all member concerns. I am a certified health and safety representative and a member of LAO’s newly established Provincial Joint Health and Safety Committee. My track record is one of listening to members’ concerns and getting effective results.  

I am proven, qualified, dedicated and experienced.


If you want qualified, dedicated, experienced and fearless representation, vote for Dana!

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